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Lukinet Technologies Limited is an information technology and web design company that provides information communication technology (ICT) solutions, products and services using ultra-modern technologies.

Lukinet Technologies Ltd strives to provide the highest quality technological business solutions with a concentrated focus on providing solutions on various challenges that both Businessmen and non-businessmen face in their daily operations, we also ought to provide solutions to individuals who in one way or another might be in the challenges as explained, this is by the use of daily emerging new insights on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) staffs via various smart and productive ways deployed in perfect and stable systems and other ICT solutions built by the latest technology through which we shall cover the gap and clear all existing challenges from that end.

Project management process

  • Idea analysis and solution diagnosis
  • Planning implementation
  • Project execution creatively
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Project testing and comissioning
  • Endless support

  • Our Vision

    To be the largest solution providers to all business and non-business information and communication challenges.

  • To build marvelous solutions through ultra-modern ICT technology to enhance applicability and local robustness to ease data access and security that will resolve problems and challenges people face within Tanzania and East Africa.

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The value of ICT today

Technology today is evolving at such a rapid pace, enabling faster change and progress, causing an acceleration of the rate of change, until eventually, it will become exponential to all economic and non-economic activities. However, it is not only technology trends and top technologies that are evolving, a lot more has changed regarding the global evolution and it’s consequences, as IT professionals, our role will not stay the same in the coming days. So, we always and constantly learn, and relearn (out of necessity if not desire). This makes us keep staying current with new technology trends and keeping our eyes on the future to know which skills we need to know to resolve certain challenge(s) and secure new opportunities tomorrow and even learn how to get there.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on providing an efficient, well informed service to our clients while ensuring all our colleagues at Lukinet technologies limited work with integrity to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. This has been firmly embedded into our culture from the very outset of the company. Here are the core services we offer.

CCTV Installation

CCTV networks are commonly used to detect and deter criminal activities and record traffic infractions, also, Market intelligence garnered from video surveillance of customers is being used to analyze buying trends and enable enhanced strategizing. See more

Electric fencing

A kind of technology whereby electric fencing is fixed around the boundaries of the premise, this is to deter criminals from breaking into the house, it is also used to control wide variety of animals as a psychological barrier that keeps farm animals in and wild animals out, even over long distances. See more

Car tracking

Get to know and control your fleets by just managing an overall move of the vehicle wherever you are. You can create unlimited geofences, custom alerts based on speed, location, hours of operation and receive notifications via text or email and numerous reports & analytics. Hire us today

Website Development

We always use industry best standards and practices with focus on usability, speed, user friendliness, security, responsiveness and eye catching design, every design element produced from us is distinctive and handmade with high level of creativity and attractiveness. Hire us today

Mobile apps Development

Mobile marketing is about promoting your business through all available mobile channels and this includes mobile friendly websites and various mobile markets, many people are looking for information using their mobiles, so, mobile marketing isn’t an option but an imperative for every business. Hire us today

Graphic & Branding

Defining your brand visually with the right elements makes all the difference in your Business, Our designers are trained to create unique branding and identity packages that are memorable and reflect a brand’s credibility at a glance. Logo, IDs, Business cards, fliers, brochures, T-shirts and many more. See more

Domain Registration

A domain enables you to make your business available online. At Lukinet Technologies limited, we help you get the best domain option for your business that is catchy and easy to remember, this will help you uniquely identifying yourself and getting into the market. Hire us today

Web hosting

Do you want an online peace? Would you like stress-free hosting? At Lukinet Technologies Limited, we will make your website online 24/7/365. As a reliable web hosting company in Tanzania, we combine security and reliability with affordability. Choose your plan

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Electric fence



Electric fence

Electric fence


Electric fence



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